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Our Services

Our professional team could help you at all stages of business development. InFact offering are:


AI-Based Application Development

If you have an idea to develop a mobile or desktop application based on artificial intelligence,
InFact could help you.

AI Education & Consultation

InFact Education team comprised of Expert Teachers and Consultants in AI, can teach you the latest technologies and techniques and advise you on your projects.

Integrating AI technologies in your current products

You can amplify your current products using AI technology.
InFact can deploy different artificial intelligence technologies in your projects according to your needs

Find out why top companies are using ai Technologies

Why AI?

Today, many companies are investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and believe that these technologies will help them with their digital transformation. By using data analysis and Artificial Intelligence capabilities, such as automatic learning or decision-making based on these data, companies in all sectors can optimize and automate their processes to increase profitability.

According to a recent study by IDC :

Market Invetment in AI (Billion dollars)
2021 57.6%
Percent of Digital transformation projects baSED ON AI
2017 25%
2019 40%
2017 45%
2021 75%

Our Development Team

Abbas Soltani

Co-Founder- CEO

Abbas is the lovely and expert leader in our team.
Abbas’s experience and energy helps all the teams to move forward

Seyed Mohammad Ghoreyshi

Co-Founder- Chief AI Engineer

Mohammed is a business expert and also an AI specialist. He is one of the few  who can write a BP and also a ML paper

Soheyl Daliraan


Soheyl is the technical director of our team, capable of developing almost any kind of software, From web applications to AI models  

Seyed Naser Bahador

Senior Mobile Developer

Nasser is a senior mobile programmer in our team.

On projects, he is always ahead of the rest of the team and his development speed makes him look like an alien. With Nasser on our team we never miss deadlines.

Seyed Mohsen Mousavi

AI Engineer

Mohsen is a Masters Student in AI, with a high knowledge of English. His most expertises are in Deep Learning and Neural Networks. He is now concentrating on developing AI-based models in Fintch.


Farzad Ghadiri

PR Manager

Farzad is our public relations director. Most likely, Farzad is the first person from the team you get to know.

Farzad is always happy to help you and his technical knowledge beside excellent market comprehension, makes him a great consultant.

Our Education Team

MohammadAmin Fazli

Assistant Professor at Sharif University of Technology
R&D Supervisor, Intelligent Information Solutions (IIS) Center

Just as Dr. Fazli helped several businesses, including IIS, deploy various AI models, such as recommendation models and social network analytics, He could give you the best AI technology solutions.

Also He could teach your team how to prepare for the development and optimization of AI models.

 Dr. Fazli research interests are:

  • Complex Networks
  • Data Analysis
  • Software Engineering
  • Computational Business & Economics
  • Game Theory
  • Optimization
  • Dynamical Systems

Rahim Entezari

Senior AI Researcher at Complexity Science Hub, Vienna

Omid Jafarinejad

Founder and CTO, Yumcode

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